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Black & White Horror Movie Classics Every Horror Junkie NEEDS to Watch

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There's classics, and then there are CLASSICS, and we've come here to compile a list of the latter - Horror CLASSICS that are old school, black and white, amazing and still hold up solidly into the modern day.

With so many greats, and so many options, we've put together a list of some of our favorite B&W Horror Classics, so that you can enjoy an evening of old school entertainment, and get a taste of where horror flicks got their start.

  • Dracula (1931) - Bela Lugosi stars in this iconic incantation of "Dracula" as Dracula himself, and his iconic performance is still recognizable as the Dracula to this day. If you're a lover of classic horror, don't pass up on this one.

  • Nosferatu (1922) - This is a film with an interesting history - it's actually an unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula, which was penned in 1897, although you would barely know that from the movie, which changes a variety of details to mask the similarities. This is another iconic vampire story that's a real wowing visual experience in its own right, even if it did start off as a Dracula bootleg.

  • Frankenstein (1931) - Another classic monster tale, Frankenstein, is most well-recognized in its black & white format. Boris Karloff, an early horror flick icon, starred as the Frankenstein Monster himself, and his iconic look for this movie is the inspiration for the "traditional" Frankenstein monster iconography that's still popular today, almost 100 years later.

  • The Wolf Man (1941) - Starring Lon Chaney and Claude Raines (who also played "The Invisible Man"), this horror flick is yet another iconic movie that features horror movie character development that we all take well for granted. The Wolf Man is the modern-day basis for werewolf artwork and depiction today, and the make up and costumes were quite advanced for the time.

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) - Playing into the fears of the unknown, and of course, dark, murky waters, "Creature from the Black Lagoon" follows a troupe of scientists into a remote jungle, after the remains of a mysterious creature is discovered. But when the scientists travel to South America, they find more than they bargained for when they encounter the creature that will later be known as the one from the Black Lagoon.

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