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Boone-Hutcheson Cemetery - Greencastle IN Real Haunts

  • Boone-Hutcheson Cemetery
  • Greencastle, IN
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A 1950's policeman's spirit has been known to sit inside the graveyard here with a blue light. Other apparitions and phantom dogs with red glowing eyes have also been seen, and a cave that is on the cemetery grounds has some eerie stories surrounding it.
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  • boone hutcheson cemetery

    it is really scarey and there is a guy with his motorcycle

    Posted 4/17/23

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  • Powerful entities here

    The last post mentioned he’d heard of spirts messing with cars by stealing there energy from the battery. About 2 months ago I went there a lone and was dropped off cause my car was being serviced. I investigated for about 2 hours and I was sitting with my equipment eating a sandwich and I got this feeling like I need to get out of here. I’ve been on over a 100 investigations and I sense energies but this was the first time I got the feeling that I better leave. So I call a friend to come get me and it takes him two hours to get there. I told him to turn the car which was brand new off so he could see how dark it was there. He went to start the car and we are talking 30 seconds after he turned it off and the battery is completely dead. Two girls he had with him both screamed at the same time cause they heard a growl next to them. I broke out my digital recorder and started asking questions and in the last 7 seconds of the recording you hear 2 hissing sounds! Needles to say we had to wait another two hours for a jump start.

    Posted 10/17/21

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  • Best First Date Ever!

    I went there on a first date lastnight! (btw the date was AMAZING and we are seeing eachother again!) We were only there for about 30-45 min before we saw what looked like the cops coming up the road. We had my little 9 yr old Chihuahua with us and she was very uneasy the entire time we were there even though I was holding her. It was about 1am when we got there. we drove around the whole thing first just to kind of scope it out a little bit with the headlights of my car. Then we parked at the entrance and got out. we walked up the little road a ways towards a tree with a bench underneath it. As we were walking towards the bench we heard footsteps and my dog was already growling before we noticed the sounds. The foot steps stopped and then for a bit longer, we felt like we were being watched. As someone who is VERY interested in ghost hunting and the paranormal, I always try to keep a really open mind when I go to haunted places. And I also try to think of every possible natural cause for a potential paranormal experience instead of jumping immediately to thinking that it is something paranormal. I also like to do my research before heading out to these places as well. Anyways, I put the footstep sounds into the back of my mind and chalked them up to being possibly an animal in the field next to us. But still, nothing could shake this feeling of us being watched. after walking for a bit and looking at the different headstones we decided to walk back to the car. Right at the beginning of the cemetery where the road makes a "Y" we noticed that there were some rocks in the gravel that would glow and flicker from bright to dim. At first we thought they were some kind of bugs maybe, but they were not moving and when I shined the light of my phone on them, all I could see was the gravel. The other interesting part was that these 4 or 5 flickering rocks were in a perfect straight line spaced out heading into the cemetery. I cannot say that this was an actual paranormal experience, but after doing some research, neither He (my date) nor I could find anything that even remotely resembled what we saw. Also, I drive a brand new Hyundai elantra that has never had anything wrong with it the whole time I have had it. As we were driving away from the cemetery my abs, and traction control lights stayed on. When we got back to my place, about 5 hours later, they were not on anymore.... Ive heard of spirits messing with vehicles to increase their own energy and manifest, but I still cannot say that this was even a paranormal experience. Regardless of what my date and I experienced, I would HIGHLY recommend going to this site.... Even if you do not experience anything (which I'm 95% sure that you will) the scenery is BEAUTIFUL and it is actually a really fun drive. Best first date ever!

    Posted 10/3/16

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