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Okie Pinokie - Real Haunted Place

  • Off of River Road - Heading to Mississinewa Resevoir
  • Peru, IN
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You'll find this location off of River Road as you head to Mississinewa Reservior. In the past, the area was marshy where decayed bodies have been found. In one instance, a young man name Joey Peoria disappeared while camping here in 1976. There’s also incidences of men being brutally murdered and showing up here. Ghostly spirits are believed to exist here.
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  • Really want to go again

    I went there before but didn't get out of the car because my cousin was scared because there were four cars there and she freaked. Then months later my cousin's and two friends went and the took a recorder with them and heard other voices that weren't theirs so I really want to check it out myself

    Posted 1/24/21

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  • Longer you are there, scarier it gets

    We were there for a little, and it felt like the longer you were there the more unease you felt. Eventually we heard a girl scream from the forest and something ran by us. My friend captured on her phone a picture of a “rod” which is like an orb that is moving and it looks like a rod or like something like that and three red lights in the corner together

    Posted 12/27/20

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  • Returned to Okie

    Last April, I was here and heard eerie howls, which I know believe was someone in the woods playing them over a smart phone or a laptop with a speaker. I went back on 10/10/20 with a group on a hike just after dark. We went back to the root cellar (take the main train from the circle and turn right at the junction, and follow the trail down into the valley to get there.) We heard knocking a couple of times, and the word "demon" over a spirit box. It felt like we were being watched, not just from the ground, but from the trees. Also, someone in the group had a dog, which was quiet the whole time, except by the root cellar, where it barked and responded to something that nobody could see. Next year, I want to go back and hike the trails in the daytime.

    Posted 11/24/20

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  • Nothing

    We went out again last night. Went early to try to find the cellar and didn't find it. It was getting dark as we was leaving the woods, Then I heard a lady humming. I asked my daughter and her girlfriend(who got to the car first) if they were humming, they said no. I'm pretty sure it wasn't them, cuz we was still on the trail when I heard it. So my friend and I stood at the end of the trail close to the car and started yelling out Stephanie's name. All of a sudden we heard coyotes and they seem close, so we hurried and got into the car. We rolled down the windows to see if we could hear them again, and it stopped. So as we was leaving the woods to go home, I drove slow and then we heard what we thought was an owl. Not sure what was out there, but we didn't stick around anymore. Could have been the wildlife or maybe a shape shifter. I don't know!

    Posted 11/6/20

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  • Nothing2020

    Went here halloween 2020. Not so scary. The trees make creaking noises. People hunt here. Theres a weird rare species of bird that inhabits the woods. And makes high pitched sounds. I couldnt find the cellar at all searched over an hour. Went up and down them hills in there. Just got tired and left. Was disappointed i couldnt find the cellar. They say all the people that have been there try to throw other people off by painting all over the trees. It worked threw me the fuck off. Which tree with what fucking marking i was so not finding anything.

    Posted 11/1/20

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  • My first time

    I just heard about this place and,wanred to check it out.I drove over a little over a hour to get there.it was me,my 2 sons and their dad.It was a rough road trying to get to the circle parking area.We went down by the water and,walked the trail along it.My one son said,he heard a girl talking and,something moving in the woods.On a tree by near we parked by the water,it had a pentagram painted on it.I also heard a male voice by me tgat,it scared the crap out of me but,no one was there.We went on one of the horse trails and,more trees were marked.We went in the daylight to see what we were getting ourselves into and,the route.Going back at night next time soon.

    Posted 10/23/20

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  • Spooky

    My daughter, her girlfriend and my husband went out there around dusk. My husband stayed in the car of course. But us girls started walking up one of the horse trails and we seen another car pull up. Of course we got scared and thought it was the cops, no just teenagers doing what we were doing, chasing ghost. So we started back up the trail and it was getting pretty dark( we had flashlights), we get half way back up the trail and we could here things dropping next to us and it sounded like someone was following us. So we got pretty scared and turned around and went back to the car. I would definitely go back again.

    Posted 10/9/20

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  • Out

    Me and my family want two day. Me and my family was so long we was deep in the forest we got lost . My big sister was seeing someone my mother was herrings someone.Me I was out I don’t know what happened after that

    Posted 10/8/20

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  • Scary

    I went there twice, the address is (country road 510 E) the first time was scary. We Friday and seen a few really creepy people there along with girls scream and clown noises. It was me and about 7-8 of my friend each time. So we did feel safe. We even went through the trails late at night. It become harder to breath and we some witch craft stuff with weird shape trees and drawing even saying a doll hung by her neck over a tree by a steam of water which was really scary. We went to leave there was hand on the back of my car. Overall I wish we went with a shorter group for better the experience. Would highly Recommended. But on Friday you see other people late night!

    Posted 9/30/20

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    Me and a few of my friends went here a couple weeks ago. When we got the we did´nt have much activity so we went to a cemetery. After, we came back and did our voice box thing and it called out my name twice. There was a little girl tied to a tree and an ma staring at my friend outside the truck. There was someone trying to touch me outside the truck and kept putting its hand on the window. The voice reader said touch, hold, grab, and scratch. When we left I felt pain in my arms and back. I looked at my arms and there were three scratches on both arms and on my back were also 3 scratches. I was terrified so if you like scary stuff I highly recommend.

    Posted 9/30/20

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    I have not visited this area. I have heard many scary stories. Reading your reviews has left me thoroughly terrified to the point that I pooped my pants. Best wishes and luck to those who dare to step foot in the retched Okie Pinokie evil forest. Rest in pieces.

    Posted 9/29/20

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  • It’s real no joke

    I went there like about a few months ago I was 14 now I’m 15 but the stuff that happened was unbelievable I was with my cousin and his boyfriend we had to walk a mile and as soon as we got to the circle it got really really foggy we heard footsteps behind us and I heard what seemed to be a lady whisper in my ear I got chills but as we went to leave we heard a truck and saw headlights but no one was there just us if I were you check it out but be careful and don’t be stupid cuz something bad might happen

    Posted 7/27/20

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  • It's real. Dont mess around

    (7-6-2020)We just left the okie pinokie trail and while there my boyfriend and I got into a arguement and (before entering we both were in happy moods) after the argument we were walking by a tree and it felt like I got pushed into the tree and scratched, but when we got back into the vehicle my boyfriend pointed out to me that the scratches were in 3s and looked like they were from claws not a tree branch. We also went down the path to the river and while standing in the river my friend and I heard what sounded like a scream and while walking through the woods I heard people talking and high pitch screams. I am saying that this place is not a joke and you should not mess around. Please be safe and be sure to have a group when you go out there!

    Posted 7/6/20

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  • This is no Joke

    I have been out here about 15 times now, my boyfriend has been about 50 times. We recently bought some pretty good ghost equipment to use, and since we have used it at Okie, we get a lot of activity. He has witnessed people sacrificing animals out there when he was younger. 3 weeks ago I heard the screams for the first time. We went back out tonight, got a lot of stuff through the voice box. Then we were chased out of the woods by atleast 10 very loud screams of a young girl that seemed to be following us. I am a very honest person and I am telling you, these woods are filled with spirits. There was no one else out there tonight except the 4 of us. Please be careful going in and out and be prepared.

    Posted 6/8/20

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  • Eerie howls heard.

    Last month, on April 19th, I visited Okie Pinokie for the first time. I was there around sunset, and it seemed okay. Once the sun went down, I started hearing what sounded like howling off in the woods. It didn't sound like coyotes. I don't know what it was. It eventually turned into a weird humming sound and went silent. A clip of what I recorded can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/704155010402273/permalink/705955793555528/?comment_id=706014400216334

    Posted 5/17/20

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  • Okie Pinokie Address

    County Road 510 East Peru, Indiana Off of state road 124

    Posted 5/13/20

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  • How to get to Hobbit land

    I need directions how to get there

    Posted 3/1/20

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    Me and alot of my friends have been planning to go here, ive never been but we are thinking of going this weekend. but im kind of scared because my step mom nd sister went a couple months ago and my step mom came home with BIG deep cuts into her back she went to the hospial and they still dont know how it happend to her she also did get stitches........should me and my freinds go??

    Posted 11/25/19

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  • Town local.

    I used to live in another town miles away and would come and see my friends in Peru, going out to Okie Pinokie just to bullshit around. Over the years and the many times I’ve went I have experienced something every single time. I now live here in Peru, I’ve always had respect for those woods considering the historical facts that back up why it’s so haunted. What people don’t understand is not every night you’re going to experience something, some nights are more active than others. What is even more creepier and adds to the negativity, there was a brutal murder that happened out there as of last year in 2018. It was a drug deal gone bad and the events of the situation were absolutely horrific. This place is no joke and it’s not for people that think it’s all fun and games because you’ll find out real quick what Okie Pinokie is about. It’s beautiful during the day, at night it’s a whole other world. The stories and the legend of Joey are false but everything else is as accurate as it gets. The whistle legend is true, having a feeling that you’re unwanted and being watched is true, hearing screams happen out there, and at times there’s phantom vehicles that are seen going into the woods when you’re heading out.

    Posted 10/25/19

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    Well this is what kinda happened. My cousin set her phone down on the dirt road with it recording with flash on facing the sky. You can hear my cousin trying to talk to it, and then my gfs cousins phone went haywire, but my cousin continues to talk. She asked it to turn her light off on her phone. And at about 34 seconds you can see in the video where the light went off while still recording! I have the video. At first i wasnt a 100% believer but im here to tell you there is just no way her light just happened to go out after asking it to.

    Posted 10/2/19

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